Resolve To Be Closer With God

It’s hard to believe that 2017 has arrived. I know we hear a lot about new beginnings and resolutions. By the way, about 92% of all ‘resolutions’ made are not followed through with after a few weeks. I do want to encourage you to begin a 30-day trial of devotional readings from the Bible. You may want to simply read the Bible through. For the first time, I read the Bible through in 2016 chronologically. This was a bit challenging going through the Old Testament. You may want to start with a different plan. One that involves reading the Bible through in a year plan. Whatever you do, try, and stick with it. As believers, we need a steady infusing of God’s word.

In one of my devotional readings this week I came across a verse in Daniel that I had read many times. But for some reason this time it really spoke to me. (I am constantly amazed at how God uses His word to speak to us in different ways at just the right time.) The verse is Daniel 2:22, ‘he reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what is in the darkness and the light dwells with him.’ This is part of the prayer Daniel prays after Nebuchadnezzar has a disturbing dream. The wise men in his court asked him to tell them the dream and they would give an interpretation. But the king insisted they tell him the dream and then give the interpretation. Being unable to do this, the king wanted all the wise men of Babylon destroyed. Daniel had a vision and God revealed the mystery.

As we think about this new year, we do not know what lies ahead for us. The unknowns are at times causes of great stress, doubt, and fear. These are all symptoms of identity amnesia. We forget whose we are and that He sees what lies ahead for us and is preparing us for these events. Let us pray with confidence as Daniel. He knew that God gives wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. He answers us when we pray. Like Daniel, when God does hear us and answers us, let us be diligent to thank Him for all that he has done for us.

You may feel as if you are walking aimlessly in the dark about what lies ahead. Remember that God is light and will give you clear direction if we place our faith and trust in Him. The way in which we discover God’s direction is through studying His word and like Daniel, pray for wisdom and understanding in all situations. If you choose to sideline God, He will let you go your own way. I would encourage you not to bench God in the decisions you must make. Instead of allowing your emotions to dictate your direction or acting out of desperation, rely on the Creator to direct your path. This is a resolution that will serve us well if we will only put into practice these great truths.

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