Anonymous Anonymous, March 23, 2023 - 8:42 pm

Please pray for complete freedom and to walk in the blessings of Abraham and to receive all of God’s promised blessings. Pray God remove all doubt, confusion and all unbelief about who he is and why he died on the cross for us. Pray every curse be broken for me and my family and that the enemy not be able or permitted to touch me, tempt me, threaten me, deceive me, or use me at all. Pray all guilt, shame, blame, fear, sickness and condemnation be lifted from me forever in Jesus name. Pray to walk in the power and authority God wants me to walk in. Pray every demon/curse affecting my mind be cast out/broken. Pray for the transformation and restoration of my mind and imagination and transformation and purification of my heart and its desires so that my heart desires and receives what God wants for me. Pray God open the floodgates of heaven and for great breakthrough, healing, faith, love, hope, joy and strength.

Please pray ESPECIALLY that any demon causing sickness of my womb be cast out, ever curse over my womb be broken, and for a MIGHTY MIRACLE of healing to take place. This issue especially needs focused prayer right now – pray God help me understand and not doubt or fear his will in how I am to receive the healing he wants to give, for revelation, and for understanding from God regarding why this is happening to me. Pray for victory in this, that every mountain in the way of God’s best will bow low, and that God be glorified in Jesus name. Thank you so much!