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Every summer Wakefield Central Baptist Church partners with the American Belarussian Relief Organization in sponsoring children from the country of Belarus for a six week stay in host homes. During their stay, the children become part of the host home’s family. They receive greatly needed physical care, but most of all they receive love. We provide Bibles and Sunday School material in their own language to minister to their spiritual needs as well. Not only are their physical lives rejuvenated, but they are introduced to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Members from Wakefield Central have even participated in prior mission trips to Belarus to minister in that area. This wonderful ministry is another way Wakefield Central seeks to be a lighthouse of God’s love here in Zebulon and beyond.
Belarus is a small country in Europe that experienced 70% of the after effect from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in April 1986. Everyone is affected by the radiation left in the environment. This summer hosting program is a unique way to help the children recover from these unfortunate circumstances. In addition to providing the children a physical respite, it is a chance for the host families to convey God’s love.
If you have a desire to participate in missions outside this country but aren’t able to travel abroad, consider hosting a child from Belarus this summer. Look for promotions through Sunday School classes, and online.
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Host Family Testimonials
Our first experience with the ministry was in 1995 when our own children were young . We were so excited and a little uncertain/scared when we went to meet and pick up the 8 yo boy that would be spending the summer with us. When we arrived there was a large group of Belarussian children gathered and off to the side was a very thin, pale ,timid appearing little boy with a farm cap on! Yes that indeed was Victor, and he was coming to our home and yes we live on a farm. After 6 weeks of good food medical/dental care and a lot of fun with his American Family his appearance transformed. We went on to host Victor for many years and we still keep in touch with him and his family. He actually returned 2 years ago as an adult to visit. This opportunity has been one of the most meaningful experiences for our entire family!
 Tim and Linda Pace
Brandon and Laurie Hicks
Being a part of the Belarussian Ministry has been one of the most rewarding decisions we have ever made. We have been involved in the ministry for over 15 years. Our family has hosted several children over the years and each one is special to us. When you sign up to be a host family, you are signing up to help bring the kids over and give them clean air, food, water and medical care as well as show them the love of Christ. What you don’t know is..they give you so much more! You form a bond that lasts a lifetime- a true family tie and unconditional love.
Wayne and I have been involved with the ABRO program since 1997 when we hosted our first child. Our love for this program has grown bigger each year. When our journey began in 1997 we were newly married with no kids of our own. Since then our family has grown to three children of our own, seven kids, from Belarus and two chaperones from Belarus that we keep in touch with on a regular basis. Wayne and I have both served as coordinator or co-coordinator for the Wakefield group. I have visited Belarus four times. I have learned to love and respect their very different culture.  They have taught us so much and these kids have so much to offer each family that host them. They have taught us to appreciate even the smallest things in life that we take for granted daily. We have seen over the years how important this ministry is and want to continue to help it grow. If you have ever wanted to be involved in missions but hesitate on traveling abroad consider hosting a child in your home. I promise you will never regret it.
Wayne and Janie Dupree