2017- 2018 Committee Details 
 General committees
(4 Members  – 2 year term )
Assist pastor and baptism candidates. Handle preparations for baptism
(3 Members – 3 year term)
Coordinate and prepare meals for families in the event of death of church members and/or immediate family
Budget and Finance 
(5 Members – 2 year term)
Oversee church finances and prepare annual budget
Building and Grounds
(6 Members – 2 year term)
Supervise maintenance, repairs and improvements to church property
Care Mission
(6 Members – 3 year term)
Administer Care Mission and Church Member Assistance Funds budgeted to meet varied ministry needs of church family and residents of eastern wake county
Child Care 
(4 Members – 2 year term)
Enlist persons to work in nursery during Sunday worship services and special services
Children’s Committee 
(6 Members – 2 year term)
Assist children activities director to plan, organize, and administer activities for children age 0 – grade 6
(4 Members – 2 year term)
Coordinate floral arrangements in worship services, seasonal decorating of church for holidays and special events; purchase and maintain decorating supplies
Furnishings and Memorial 
(4 Members – 2 year term)
Coordinate selection and placement of furnishings and accessories for enhancement of interior of church buildings. Maintain records of gifts recommend appropriate memorials; coordinate donations and church approval of gifts; send written acknowledgement of gifts
(3 Members – 3 year term)
Maintain historical information regarding the church and its activities, mementos and memorial cabinets
Lord’s Supper
(4 Members – 2 year term)
Obtain, prepare, and care for elements of Lord’s Supper; maintain communion set
(6 Members – 3 year term)
Coordinate selection and approval of nominees for committee members and officers (except past and deacons); coordinate filing vacancies as they occur
(5 Members – 2 year term)
Oversee matters relating to personnel administration and management
Preschool Advisory
(6 Members – 2 year term)
Oversee the total administration of weekday preschool program. Serve as s bridge between the preschool and the church
(3 Members – 3 year term)
Budgeting, selection, installation, documentation and maintenance of technology systems and infrastructure; individual and collective special technical skills required
The Wakefield House
(4 Members  – 2 year term)
Coordinate booking and maintenance of missionary residence home; assist missionaries upon arrival and during residence
(3 Members – 3 year term)
Oversee use, operation and maintenance of church vehicles
(3 Members – 3 year term)
Enlist, train, and supervise ushers for all church services
Youth Council
(6 Members – 2 year term)
Work with Minister of Youth to plan, organize, and administer youth activities for grades 7-12; to be involved in activities and spiritual development of youth